God-Story #3 - Depends on Your Perspective

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Picture of Margerie Glacier calving with flying seagulls in July 2011 by Gena Buskirk-Ford, Gateway PhotoArtistry™DSC_6146 - Version 2

"Margerie Glacier - Vertical" © Copyright 2011 by Gena Buskirk-Ford, Gateway PhotoArtistry™


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I stood on the deck of the cruise ship with hundreds of passengers waiting to see and hear the Margerie Glacier calving, the process of ice breaking off the edge of a glacier.  Unfortunately, you can’t understand how immense the Margerie Glacier is unless if you're experiencing it live.  To give some perspective as to the extravagant size of the glacier, I needed to get something in the picture that is of known size like a picture with a seagull flying near the glacier. 


The trick was being able to get a photo with a seagull in it while the glacier was calving because seagulls don’t hang around to get caught in the avalanche of ice.  The glacier also created a lighting challenge because the sun reflected very strongly off the ice surface and I had to make some quick adjustments depending on where the calving occurred on the mile-wide glacier face.  This calving occurrence was not as impressive as others we had seen that morning, but by God’s grace, I was able to snatch this photograph with a seagull near the calving glacier and one in the foreground giving you a beautiful visual perspective of the glacier’s 250-foot height above the ocean surface.


​Being too close to a situation or a person can also skew your perspective.  If our ship had been right next to the glacier, I would have never envisioned how big the glacier actually was.  I would only know my little section of the glacier.  I might even love all the unique characteristics of that particular section of the glacier, but I wouldn't know the complete character and detail of the whole glacier.  I just wouldn't even be able to envision the extent of the glacier unless I moved back to really take-in the glacier from end-to-end.  


depend on people who love me and know me the best to give me their perspectives on situations, people, and myself.  Thinking I fully understood a person or a set of circumstances without seeking a faithful friend's thoughts or a family member's analysis has sometimes gotten me into trouble.  I need their perspective because when I'm too close to something or a situation, I don't always see the truth.  As painful as it sometimes is, having someone tell you the truth respectfully and lovingly from their perspective can save you a lot of heartache, energy and regret.  


Sometimes you need to step back and gain perspective -- God's perspective.  We see our lives from our little section of the world.  We don't see how every word, move or decision we make affects our lives and those around us.  We think about what's important in the "here-and-now," not our future or how what we want at that moment might affect someone else negatively.  


Take a moment the next time you're wanting something desperately or feel you need someone and ask God if those desires are really what's best for you.  It may be that the person you think you can't live without will be the very person who will wreak havoc on your life.  It may be that the job you think you must have now is the very one that will take you away from your family.  It may be that the TV, car or house that you think will give you the status you want will cost you more financially than you imagined.


Gain some perspective when you're taking those major steps in your life.  Step back, take a look at the "big picture," and ask for advice from someone who has a different perspective. 



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