Gateway PhotoArtistry™ | "Pho-etry" (photos and poetry)

ILoveMySonAFriendLoves_8x10Daughters_FlowersNothingCanStopLoveNothingCanStopLove-2Point Retreat Lighthouse - Vertical (with "You Are My Lighthouse" poem)RayofLightA Mother Is...Alpine LoveJustOneLighthouseWaiting to Carry"Sleepy Hollow Creek at Sunrise" (with "Peace" poem)"Candlelight" (with "Keep on the Path" poem)"Soaring Seagull""Tree in Smoky Mountain Fog" (with "The Counselor" poem)Lion - meeknessLion Strength.4x6postcard"Margerie Glacier - Wide" (with "Humbled by Creation" poem)"Blue Sunset" (with "Music This Side of Heaven" poem)"Changing Generations" (spiritual) poem can be printed on your family photograph